Tetherball Rules

Tetherball Game.

General Rules:

  1. There is a line that divides the court in half. Each player must stay in his or her own half of the court the whole time. Stepping on or crossing the line is a foul.
  2. The two players decide who serves. The other gets to decide which side and which way they are hitting.
  3. The server starts the game by striking the ball with their hand or fist in the direction that was chosen. The server cannot hit it again during that serve until their opponent has touched the ball.
  4. The server may continue to strike the ball after the first swing, and his or her opponent tries to hit the ball in the opposite direction, both trying to wind the ball completely around the pole.
  5. The player who does this wins the game. The next challenger coming in has their choice of serving or choosing the side and which direction they are hitting.
Tetherball Game.

Fouls that put a player out:

  1. Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands or forearms
  2. Stopping continuous play by holding, catching, or blocking the ball directly in front of the opponent with his or her hand
  3. Touching the pole with any part of your body
  4. Hitting the rope with your forearm or hands
  5. Stepping into your opponents court or on the line
  6. Double hitting in your court area
  7. Throwing the ball

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