Redwood Activity Fort 4'

Redwood Activity Fort 4' - Configuration A
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The Redwood Activity Fort is packed with standard options! Part of our Little Pioneers Series, this spacious 5 1/2' x 4' fort includes a rock climbing wall, net climber, two-alarm firepole, steps with handrails, 8' Wave Slide, 7' high monkey bar swingset with two swing stations. If you're looking for genuine quality in an economic feature packed model, the Redwood Activity Fort is it! Available options include sandbox, and wood roof.
Configuration A: Custom configuration and installation of the 4' high Redwood Activity Fort. Talk about a tight squeeze!
Dimensions: 8' 6" w x 10' 6" d x 9' 6" h
Redwood Activity Fort 4' - Layout A
Dimensions: 8' 6" w x 10' 6" d x 9' 6" h