Our Childrens' Future

Play-Well is committed to protecting our environment for future generations.  Here are a few examples of the steps we have taken to protect our childrens' future:

On site solar panels at Play-Well's manufacturing facility provide a portion of the renewable energy we use in our manufacturing operations.

100% Green Energy

100% of the electricity used in Play-Well’s Pasadena manufacturing and sales facilities is from clean renewable energy.  One of our sources of power is on-site solar power from Run on Sun®.  Run on Sun has the most comprehensive website for learning about solar power and new developments in the industry. For more information on powering your home or business with on-site clean solar power, please call our provider Run on Sun®, a Pasadena-based solar power company.

Play-Well is also a member of the commercial green power program offered by Pasadena Water & Power. The balance of the power that we consume is generated by wind turbines and is supplied by our local utility, Pasadena Water & Power. Play-Well is the first play equipment manufacturer to use 100% Green Energy.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Our redwood comes from California-based companies that have voluntarily adopted the standards set by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).  Some of the sustainable measures practiced include promptly reforesting harvested acres, protecting water quality and preventing soil erosion, conserving wildlife and fish habitat as well as reducing waste. (Click here for more information on the SFI.)

Locally Sourced Lumber

The lumber in the products we make and sell is from California. It is not shipped out of state to the east coast or midwest and then back in the form of a play set, nor is it shipped in from overseas. Our lumber does not cross state lines or international borders before reaching you! This reduces not only the pollution associated with shipping, but also the freight costs.

Vehicle Operations

The products we sell generally require heavy-duty trucks to transport and deliver.  Wherever possible and as green technology becomes available and practical, Play-Well will be switching its fleet of delivery trucks to the most practical of hybrid, ethanol, electric, and biodiesel technologies. Play-Well purchased it's first hybrid utility vehicle in 2008.

Multi-level redwood fort with play house. Engineeered wood fiber play area wood chip safety surface.

Recycling & Play Area Ground Cover Products

Our Engineered Wood Fiber ground cover products are made from the same virgin douglas fir wood used to mill lumber.  Sawmill offal is re-used to create engineered wood chips for play-area surfacing.

Minimizing Waste Through Selective Remanufacturing

Where ever possible, Play-Well will remanufacture lumber scrap from our production process for new uses. The remanufactured boards are simply new boards derived from larger sized boards. This not only avoids waste, it also reduces play structure costs as there is less waste. Unlike some manufacturers, Play-Well never compromises quality and longevity by glueing together scrap wood to make new boards.

Environmentally Friendly Finishes

Play-Well, a California-based manufactuerer, complies with local air quality regulations regarding finishes. These regulations are among the most stringent anywhere in the world. Play-Well uses low VOC finish materials.  Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s, are defined as organic chemical compounds with high vapor pressures.  When released into the atmosphere, VOC’s contribute to air pollution and get into the ground water and the soil. Out-of-state and out-of-country manufacturers are not subject to these same regulations.  

Local Manufacturing

The majority of our materials are made in the USA. In fact most of our raw materials come from California, where we manufacture our products.  As much as possible, we purchase locally sourced products.  This effort supports our local economy, reduces trucking costs, and minimizes our environmental impact by burning less fossil fuel.