Our Design Process

imageThrough years of experience, we have developed a specific consultative design process for successfully helping customers determine which custom configured Play-Well product will best meet their needs. Modern backyards with space challenges are common in Southern California and every family's needs and priorities are different. To achieve the best results, we have found that stepping through this process is the most expeditious way to assist you in selecting the right Play-Well product.

Planning & Preparation

Step 1: Measure Your Available Yard Space

The most important information needed to help you with your play area design is the measurements of the overall space in the backyard where the play area will be located. Some areas can be challenging in terms of space and there may be trees, walkways, shrubs and other obstacles in the area. It is useful to know what the boundaries of your play area are.  (i.e. next to your lawn, fence, driveway, etc.)  Keep in mind that a 6' clearance around the play structure is recommended, as well as safety ground cover. If you measure the area and make a top-down (bird's eye view) sketch of the area to send us, that is most helpful!

Step 2: Consider Your Budget

Before we go too far down the road of play area design together, we need to make sure our products fit within your budget. Play-Well products are high-quality, custom-made, 100% redwood, reinforced with patented steel brackets, Made in the U.S.A., and made in an environmentally friendly manner. Play-Well products are not cheap imported kits from big box stores that cost a few hundred dollars. Stand alone swing sets cost more than $1,200.00 Swing and slide combos cost more than $1,800.00 and fort, swing set and slide combos start at $2,700.00. Ground cover is a recommended option that is a cost to consider too. Delivery, installation, and sales tax add approximately 20-30% to the overall cost. Having a specific and reasonable budget in mind will help us size and configure a budget-appropriate quality product for you. As our design advice is unique to our product line, it is not applicable to products other than Play-Well products.

  • High Quality
  • Custom-Made
  • 100% Redwood
  • Reinforced with Patented Steel Brackets
  • Installed by Employees, not Contractors
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Made in an Environmentally Friendly Manner
  • Made in California

California Custom Combo: Two San Gabriel units connected by Golden Gate bridge. Shown with gang plank, 5' sun porch, 14' Super Surfin' slide, Super Twisty Slide, 7' rock wall, garage, picnic table, gang plank, lodge enclosure and 3 station 8' high swingset.

Step 3: Make Your Wish List

After browsing our Online Product Catalog you will see that the possibilities with our custom-configured California Redwood Series product line are virtually endless. To narrow it down, it is helpful to have a "wish list" of features that you want. With your children, develop a wish list of features you would like to have on your play structure.  There are many features and options so prioritizing them will help us focus on what's most important to you and your family. When you speak to us, we will try to incorporate as many features as possible given your space and budget.

Design Consultation

Step 4: Telephone Design Consultation

The most important step is the telephone design consultation. Your experienced sales consultant will evaluate your back yard from the information that you provide including measurements, drawings (you don't have to be an architecht!), and digital images. He or she will take into consideration your space, budget, and wish list and will work with you to develop some design ideas for your consideration. We will then prepare a top down sketch of your play structure layout, so you will understand the layout and scale of the design(s) you are considering. To get started, just give us a call! Our phone number is (626) 793-0603. We are frequently on the line helping customers or working building swing sets, so if you get our voicemail, please leave a message, we will return your call!

Step 5: Private Showroom Consultation (Optional)

There is no substitute to seeing a product first hand. You will see how solid the California Redwood Series is with its steel reinforced redwood. You will appreciate the quality of the product from the rounded and sanded edges of the dimesionally-proper lumber to the heaviness and quality of our hardware components. It is no surprise that our products resell second and third hand and also have been used for multiple generations of children.

Our showroom is only available for private consultations as part of this Design Process. It is part of a working factory production facility so you will get to see swing set manufacting in process. The showroom is not open to the general public and appointments are required. Please call us to make arrangements in advance of your visit.

Santa Barbara with 6' rock climbing wall, 3 station monkey bar swingset, glider, and built-in picnic table. Encino, California

Step 6: Optional Backyard Consultation

If your are unsure of your backyard situation, our installer with over 20 years experience is available visit your backyard to evaluate the possibilities. A non-refundable fee applies for this extra service, which will vary by location. The minimum fee is $75.00

Backyard Fun!

Step 7: Receive and Complete Final Order Paperwork

Once you have settled on a product configuration, the order will be entered into our computer system and the order paperwork will be provided for your review. The paperwork will be presented in person if you are in our showroom or provided via e-mail if done over the telephone. If everything is in order, you will sign the paperwork and provide a payment: Mastercard, Visa, check or cash if you are in our showroom or a check in the mail if by telephone. Once your signed order paperwork and payment are received your order will go into queue for production. Please note, we do not negotiate our prices. We do everything we can to offer the best product at the lowest price, while paying for our facilites, personnel, and other expenses.

Step 8: Delivery Day

After a few weeks, your order will be ready. If you paid for delivery and installation services, we will call you to set a delivery date and deliver and set-up your Play-Well product on your delivery date. You also have the option to pick-up your order and self-install. Check out our 50 second high speed Play Structure Assembly Video to see just what our delivery and installation crews do every day.

Step 9: Backyard Fun!

For over 53 years, Southern California families have been enjoying locally made Play-Well products in their backyards. We know your family will too!

Let's Get Started!